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Power your non-profit organization with clean, sustainable solar power and free your budget from energy costs

Today, many non-profit and government organizations — schools, churches, and other entities — are demonstrating environmental leadership in their communities by going solar. Non-profit organizations are often big consumers of electricity and a cash investment in a solar electric system is challenging because they are not eligible for Federal tax incentives available to commercial entities.

Churches and other non-profit institutions often look to solar as a way to reduce their operating expenses while aligning with their sustainability and community goals. Unfortunately non-profits find themselves unable to utilize the Investment Tax Credit (30% Federal Tax Credit) for project costs.  1st American Solar has the solution to that problem.

1st American Solar’s Value Proposition

1st American Solar has developed a novel, patent pending approach to offer Church’s, Synagogues, Mosques, Schools, and non-profits the opportunity to:

  • Secure their financial future by owning solar with no up-front cost,
    and no money out of pocket;

  • Begin savings on day one;

  • Stay cash flow positive for the life of the equipment;

  • Stabilize their electricity bill at lower rates for the next 25 years;

  • Realize significant cash savings over that period;

  • In many cases, does not require a lien or mortgage on property;

  • Provides for the operation & maintenance of solar equipment;

  • Increases community energy independence.

1st American Solarprovides financial Product that Invests in the Future

The 1st American SolarEnergy Program is based on a unique cooperation model between denominational church authority and private investors, who have the ability to use tax incentives offered by the Federal government to lower the cost of solar systems, and therefore the price of electricity paid by the church every month.

Solar Financing – We Offer:

  • A Pre-Paid Solar Service Agreement (SSA) Allows the nonprofit & the investor to share Federal Tax Credits.

  • Combined with a 15 or 20 Year Long Term Low Interest Fixed Rate Loan

  • $0 Down Payment, Positive Cashflow Savings From Day One

  • Our method allows the Church, Church, Synagogue or Mosque Schools, and non-profits to take advantage to take advantage of the previously unattainable tax credits while attaining a loan payment structure that unlike a PPA has no annual escalation and no end of term buy-out

Our system allows Church, Synagogue or Mosque Schools, and non-profits to have the best worlds making the choice to go solar a financial “No-Brainer”.In a few states such as California non-profit organizations are eligible for special solar rebate incentives, which make the investment very affordable. For government agencies, schools or non-profit organizations, the rebates are typically 20% higher than the standard rebates.

With the unique needs of non-profit organizations in mind, First American Solar Technology will design a solar energy system specifically tailored to maximize your energy savings while keeping your upfront costs affordable.

Whether you are a civic facility, a school, a church, or local charity, your organization can benefit from making the switch to solar power.