Solar Built for Tucson Business


PV Energy Glass

The next logical step in the development of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is replacing standard building glass with lighter and smarter PV Energy Glass. It's honestly as simple as replacing one of the most expensive and heavies components of a multistory build with PV Energy Glass that is 30% lighter and qualifies for multiple tax credits and grants. But a building owner can do just that when they build or retrofitting their building. The US Federal government will credit 30% of the glass, labor, frames, installation, and staging! Plus, they will be taking advantage of the local FEED In Tariff of from 14 to 34 cents per KWH, an ongoing revenue stream from the windows of the building.

PV Energy Glass is a breakthrough in Energy Generation coupled with a Capital Improvement item that every building has to have - WINDOWS. The Fenestration component of every structure now not only can generate energy but as a Vertical Solar Farm is eligible from anywhere 10-15 different Federal grants, Tax credits, subsidies, incentives and LEED Points that can reduce your investment, energy consumption, and generate an ongoing new stream of revenue!