Solar Built for Business

Architectural Solar (BIPV)

Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) combine proven solar technology with traditional building materials. It is an exciting technology that allows solar systems to be an integrated part of buildings and structures, replacing conventional building materials.

BIPV can take many shapes and forms. Integrated Photovoltaics can be installed in a wide variety of applications such as skylights, roofing, walls balcony rail and windows.

BIPV is perfect for public areas such as bus shelters, walkway covers and atrium style building entries where they provide both attractive protection from the elements and energy production.

BIPV can be added to an existing building, or designed as part of a new construction.

The BIPV solution enables

Energy efficient buildings

Added architectural and visual interest

Energy production where space is limited

Innovative Technology:

First American Solar Technology’s frameless "glass-on-glass" technology in an innovative solution for solar constructions. It is ideal for shading windows, replacing walls or skylights, and creating transparent roofing structures.


Each structure and project is different. First American Solar Technology can customize the modules to meet your building's requirements. These Modules are Made right here in America, unlike our competitors who import their product from China